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Extreme Earth Book Design for Reader's Digest. 

320 page, hard back, 230W x 287D


I was asked to design Extreme Earth for Reader's Digest.  It is a collection of amazing facts about our ever changing planet and below are some spreads from the book.


I designed and laid out all internal pages.


I also did some picture research and production of files for printers.


As well as featuring spectacular photography each chapter had to accommodate over 3000 words and breakout information.


The challenge here was to create a visually stunning book at the same time as presenting text and breakout boxes in an easy to follow and engaging manner.

AUSTRALIA A CELEBRATION Book Design for Reader's Digest. 320 page, hard back, 230W x 270D


I was asked to design Australia A Celebration'for Readers Digest.  It is an 'upbeat look at what makes us proud to be 
Australian - the land, it's people and our achievements'. Below is a small selection of  internal pages and openers. My cover design was not used and a multi image cover in RD style was the final choice.

Section openers

There are seven sections in the book each with an opening double page spread, below are three of those openers.

Calendars, diaries and books for Australian Geographic

At Australian Geographic we produced a Calendar and Diary range as well as at least one book a year which was used as a subscription incentive. 

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